Facts & Stats

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brockton investment facts

Brockton by numbers (2006 – to date, cumulative total)

22m sq ft

space invested into and developed


total equity raised

£7.5bn ($9.4bn)

total Portfolio Size (including both historic and current-owned assets)


assets located in London


separate properties owned over this period


Industry, Civic Building, Wellness, Sustainability and other awards won for our development and rehab projects.

Where does Brockton’s equity come from?

Within the £2.2bn, around £900m has been committed to the Brockton Capital funds by pension plans that provide retirement income for over 6.6 million pensioners and future (i.e. currently in work) beneficiaries.

£2.2bn chart

  • 32% Listed Global Real Estate Investors
  • 25% U.S. State + Corporate Pensions
  • 15% EMEA Insurance & Pensions (exc. UK)
  • 13% UK Pensions
  • 5% Family Offices
  • 5% Funds of Funds
  • 3% Other / the Brockton team
  • 2% Middle East Investors

Ballpark portfolio size

In aggregate, between 2006–2023, Brockton acquired assets totalling around £7.5bn in value. These ballpark values are based on 100% of the asset values, i.e. unadjusted for the occasional part interest held by a joint venture partner.

Total volume of assets acquired: over 75% located in London / the South-East

The total size of all assets acquired by Brockton over the 2006-2023 period is shown here. Percentages relate to 100% of the gross value of the Brockton portfolio, unadjusted for the occasional part interest held by a joint venture partner. NB: Values and floor areas are approximate.

  • 45% Central London Offices (inc. co-working space): 3.4m sq ft
  • 11% Multi-Let Industrial: 13.2m sq ft
  • 10% Thames Valley and Regional Offi­ces: 2.1m sq ft
  • 10% Central London Residential: 242,000 sq ft
  • 10% Mixed-use and Retail Assets: 2.2m sq ft
  • 7% Greater London Data Centres: 213,000 sq ft
  • 7% Life Science / Workplace in Oxford and Cambridge: 662,000 sq ft