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Portfolio Overview

  • Since the inception of the company in 2006 up until today, Brockton has invested into and occasionally redeveloped around £7.0bn of directly-owned assets and 20m sq ft of space.
  • Brockton Everlast’s portfolio can be broken down into three areas; the Workplace portfolio, our specialist SRI division, and our track record.


  • Brockton Everlast owns five major office buildings across both central London and Oxford.
  • Around 0.8m sq ft of total space currently with an anticipated development pipeline of over 1.3m sq ft.
  • Brockton Everlast's Workplace division is focused on owning and repositioning assets into large scale, public transport connected, sustainable and premier-grade workplaces.
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SRI (Science Real Estate & Innovation)

  • Brockton Everlast owns 12 standing investments on and around Cambridge Science Park which total around 25 acres.
  • Brockton Everlast's SRI division is focused on owning and redeveloping assets into the latest generation laboratories, office buildings and other R&D-related space. These new buildings will provide a world class environment for the leading drug discovery, medical innovation and tech-based companies, as well as other ground-breaking research institutions that are clustered around the Golden Triangle of Oxford, Cambridge and London.
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Track Record

  • Since Brockton’s formation in 2006, the firm has invested into nearly all real estate sector classes across the UK.
  • Our Track Record (see below) provides a selection of 16 case studies across 10 different sector types, showcasing assets and operating businesses that Brockton acquired, asset managed and / or developed over the 2006-2020 period.