SRI (Science Real Estate & Innovation)

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Investing in Cambridge, top down
Investing in Cambridge, bottom up

Cambridge Science Park was conceived by Trinity College Cambridge in the aftermath of then Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson's vision for "the white heat of technology" to reposition the post-war British economy. Opened In 1970, Cambridge Science Park is today one of the largest and most innovative clusters of Life Science and Technology that exists in Europe. The park now comprises of over 7,000 people working for 130 companies in nearly 60 buildings totalling 2.0 million sq ft across 152 acres. And it sits within a short walk (or bike) of Cambridge North Station, providing a direct train link into London's Knowledge Quarter at King's Cross in under 60 minutes.

SRI is a specialised division within Brockton Everlast that provides space for innovation companies, such as in the Life Sciences (Wet, Dry and AI-enabled Labs), Crop Sciences, Pharma, Tech (AI, CleanTech, Medtech, Fintech, Cyber, Data Centres, Edge Computing / IoT, etc.), Gaming, Telecoms and Software sectors to come together to amplify the Cluster Effect, principally within the Golden Triangle of Cambridge, Oxford and London. Within the UK, the history of innovation fueled by the combination of Academia, Major Teaching Hospitals, Industry, Venture Capital and Government, has delivered a world-beating cluster of scientific, medical and tech excellence.