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Brockton Everlast is a London-based real estate investment and development firm with a focus on acquiring, developing and asset managing large scale buildings that provide some of the best and most sustainable workplaces across both the centre of London and its wider metro area. Brockton Everlast is also focused on providing Life Science and other Tech-related laboratories and workplaces in the specialised, world-leading clusters of Cambridge and Oxford.

Brockton has a 16-year history that spans over 20m sq ft across 300 buildings and around £7.0bn ($9.5bn) of assets. Since its formation in 2006, Brockton has invested into and occasionally developed across multiple sector types throughout the UK, including offices, life sciences / R&D buildings, data centres, logistics, multi-let industrial, retail parks, urban street markets, pubs, residential, major mixed-use schemes and a flex office operator.

Today, Brockton Everlast is focused on growing both its Workplace and SRI ('Science Real Estate + Innovation') divisions.



Brockton by numbers (2006 – to date, cumulative total)

20m sq ft

space invested into and / or developed


total equity raised

£7.0bn ($9.5bn)

total Portfolio Size (including both historic and current-owned assets)


assets located in London


separate properties owned over this period


Industry, Civic Building, Wellness, Sustainability and other awards won for our development and rehab projects.