60 Curzon

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60 Curzon mayfair

Mayfair; a super-prime location since the ‘20’s. (The 1720’s…)

The south-west corner of Mayfair, bound by Mount Street, Hyde Park, Green Park and Bond Street, is enjoying a renaissance, exemplified by new hotels, new art galleries, new restaurants and a new vibe, all within its historic streetscape. 60 Curzon will embody this new spirit in the next stage of Mayfair’s evolution, delivering one of the best appointed, new super-prime apartment buildings in London, designed by world-leading interior architect Thierry W. Despont.

From the 1720’s, Mayfair has always been compact, historic, protected, exclusive, low rise, high value, prime, surrounded by two Royal parks… and at the centre of London life.

Located just steps from Berkeley Square, this unique address is being developed by Brockton and a consortium of major Asia-Pacific investors, for delivery in 2022.