Fora: an award-winning, asset-backed flex office operator

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And not in conventional buildings, nor boring locations.

Richard Florida's 'Creative Class' and the psychographics associated with this generational cohort are rapidly changing the whole notion of the workplace. Brockton believe not only in the 'plug 'n' play' flexibility of the co-working model, but also in the massive economic saving that comes from firms not having to fund fit-outs, IT capex, dilaps, legal fees etc.

Beginning from scratch in 2017, Fora has now successfully established itself as a leader in the premium flex office industry. Fora now operates c.550,000 sq ft of co-working in central London across 8,800 desks. With many more buildings in the pipeline and an emphasis on design, technology, service and community, Fora is creating a (peaceful!) revolution within the workplace.