Our Team

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Coordinated energy, expertise and focus from our team is key to the Brockton Everlast business maintaining its growth through the various cycles and Black Swan events of the past 16 years.

The GFC of 2008-10, the Brexit vote in 2016 and then the onset of Covid and the rolling lockdowns across 2020 and 2021 all caused considerable distress and volatility in the markets. However, the Brockton team has always paid equal attention to the macro (ie: the economic back-drop) and the micro (ie: the asset-level, property fundamentals). As a result, we have maintained profitability and growth in the equity base and portfolio size throughout.

At Brockton Everlast, the team has a wide range of expertise and pulls together in a shared passion for spaces, buildings, streets, neighbourhoods, cities, infrastructure, growth and sustainable design.

Jason Blank


Jason Blank is President and Co-Founder of Brockton. Since co-founding the firm with David Marks in 2005, Jason has been involved in all aspects of its development. Leading...

David Marks


David Marks is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Brockton. Since co-founding the firm with Jason Blank in 2005, David has been involved in all aspects of its development...

Richard Selby


Richard is Chief Investment Officer at Brockton and co-manages the firm alongside Jason Blank and David Marks. Richard is responsible for Brockton’s overall strategy and execution...

Tracy Dossett


Tracy is Chief Financial Officer and responsible for Brockton’s finance function, including strategy, treasury, taxation and reporting, as well as operational responsibilities...

Dan Brown

Senior MD

Head of Portfolio

In his capacity as Senior Managing Director, Head of Portfolio, Dan is responsible for managing the team to maximise the overall performance of the Brockton Everlast portfolio, creating and...

James Spencer

Senior MD

Head of Investment

James is a Senior Managing Director, Head of Investment in Brockton’s investment team and is responsible for acquisitions and asset management, including underwriting, executing...

Mark Griller

Senior MD

Head of Capital Markets

In his capacity as Head of Capital Markets, Mark is responsible for leading Brockton’s capital structure strategy, forecasting, and financial planning...

Vesna Bostandzic

Head of Design

Vesna is Head of Design and works closely with the Development team to oversee the design process across all of Brockton’s rehab and development projects...

Richard Berry

Senior MD


In his capacity as Director of Development, Richard is responsible for the successful delivery of Brockton’s rehab and development projects...

Adam Isaacs


Adam is a Managing Director in Brockton’s investment team and is responsible for originating, underwriting and executing new real estate investment...

Caroline Matthews

Legal and Operations Director

Caroline is Brockton’s Legal and Operations Director responsible for Brockton’s day to day operations including legal structuring...

Alex Bailes


Alex is Brockton’s Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for all aspects of technology to support the company’s objectives, as well as advising the operating companies...

Michael Marks

Finance Director

Michael Marks is Brockton's Finance Director and responsible for all financial aspects of the group's strategy, including oversight and control of...

Calum Hulme


Fund and Portfolio Management

Calum joined Brockton in 2015 and is responsible for portfolio management, fund management and investor relations...

John Warman

Vice President

John is a Vice President involved in all of Brockton’s asset management and new investment opportunities; he is...

Pavan Patel

Vice President


In her role as Vice President, Sustainability, Pavan is responsible for the sustainability strategy across Brockton Everlast’s portfolio and corporate operations. Prior to joining Brockton in...

Alexander Gunn

Senior Associate

Alexander is an Associate at Brockton responsible for researching and underwriting investment opportunities...

Umberto Cambiaso

Senior Associate

Umberto is a Senior Associate and is responsible for providing research and recommendations to members of Brockton’s investment team...

Tom Fisher

Senior Financial Controller

In his role as Senior Financial Controller, Tom is responsible for managing the group’s audit process, oversight of the internal and external accounting functions and maintaining all financial systems and controls. Tom also contributes...

Chris Morgan

Tax Director

Chris Morgan is Brockton's Tax Director and responsible for the tax strategy, managing all tax administration and reporting processes...

Sarah Shuttleworth

Development Manager

Sarah joined Brockton in 2022 as Development Manager and is responsible for the successful delivery of rehab and development projects...

Margaret Maghsoudi

Corporate Accountant

Margaret is a Corporate Accountant and maintains all necessary financial records...

Jay Patel

Finance Manager

In his role as Finance Manager, Jay assists in the financial reporting of Brockton’s assets - helping to maintain key controls in the financial system and contributing towards the group’s audit process...

Marnie Selby

Visual Designer

Marnie is the Visual Designer at Brockton. She is involved in all aspects of the firm’s creatively-led processes, with specific focus on graphic design and marketing...